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A caring touch of expert hands with pain relief techniques gives your body a complete relaxation. It reduces your stress level thus lowering the risks associated with stress like hypertension, insomnia, digestive disorders etc. you must have a massage at least twice a month to enjoy its benefits. You can choose a massage from the following list or else you can contact us to get a help in selection..

Swedish Massage

A Medium Pressure Massage having special techniques of long gliding strokes, friction, and kneading & tapping movements which are exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.

Deep Tissue Massages

The deeper pressure of this massage is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue. It's body pain reliever qualities make it ideal treatment for neck, back & lower back pain. Experience it once to revitalize deeply.

Balinese Massage

A massage from Bali - the beautiful Indonesian island has the unique methods of stretching, accupressure points which are combined with essential oils. It gives you complete relaxation - not only your body but mind too. So feel totaly relaxed post massage.

Traditional Dry Massage

Traditional Dry massage works exceptionally well in relaxing your body. It uses stretching & gentle pressure points which gives you a deeper level of relaxation. Deeper relaxation promotes deeper sleep which in turn allows your body to heal itself & let you feel more refereshed upon awakening.


There is connection between points on your hands & feet and certain areas of your body. These are can be adjusted through points. Reflexology not only gives you relaxation but also improves nerve function, boosts energy level & eliminate toxins from your body.

Aroma Massage

Very soothing & pleasant massage therapy with essential oils helps you ease stress & anxiety. Essential oils are added to the massage oil which stabilizes your mood, improves your sleep, memory & energy. Synergy creates much more powerful effect than any one particular oil.

Cream Massage

Would you like to nourish your skin with massage relaxation ? Yes! Then Cream massage is a correct choice for you. It Moisturises your skin & adds a glow to your skin along with the relaxation & rejuvenation effect of massage.

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda is the ancient science of healing in India. Ayurvedic massage is a part of this science which is used mainly for healing. It is a light pressure massage. Ayurvedic Massage is also called Abhyangam.

Signature Harmony

TTwo therapists work on your body using their synchronized moves, moving their hands in a harmony which gives you an experience like having two full body massage at a time.

Couple Massage

The most delightful and memorable spa experience is a having couple massage. It is a great way to strong your connection & bonding with your partner. A perfect gift for your partner on special occasions.

Rejuvenation Massage (Genuine Spa Special)

Genuine Spa special massage which combines Ayurvedic Massage with Deep Tissue & Swedish Massage. This combination rejuvenates your body, mind & soul which gives you rebirth like experience. Go for it to have out of world relaxation.

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